Résumé de la conférence IRC avec Garry Hare

Hier s’est tenu la conférence IRC avec Garry Hare, PDG de KMOS (devenu Amiga Inc. depuis), organisé par AmigaWorld.net.

Pour résumer les choses, il a annoncé qu’Amiga Inc. ne distribuerait pas et ne supporterait pas AmigaOS. En effet, Amiga Inc. recentre ses activités sur AmigaDE, renommé Amiga Anywhere. La commercialisation d’AmigaOS 4.0 par Hyperion est prévue pour début 2005.

La distribution d’AmigaOS 4.0 en dehors du marché de l’AmigaOne ou de l’Amiga Classic ne fait pas partie du contrat passé entre Amiga Inc. et les partenaires AmigaOne. De plus, le développement des futures versions de l’OS n’est pas ouvert à des développeurs tiers.

Pour ce qui est de l’arrivée d’un player Amiga Anywhere sur AmigaOS 4.0, cela reste possible à la condition qu’il soit développé par les partenaires AmigaOne.

Pour ceux qui veulent lire le log en VO (anglais) de cette session IRC, nous les invitons à lire la suite…[20:59:45] hi Garry welcome to #amigaworld
[21:00:47] Hi David – had a few problems, now on
[21:01:03] GarryH ready for your first question ?
[21:03:09] Question from Valiant: When will AmigaAnywhere be available on the AmigaOne?
[21:05:11] The first question relates to AmigaAnywhere being availoable for the AmigaOne. It makes perfect sense to us to do so. If we receive a request from the AmigaOne Partners to add it, we will certainly support that effort.
[21:09:31] next
[21:09:34] just waiting on the bot
[21:09:34] Question from Floid: 1. Let me start by saying the site redesign looks good, but what kind of message is Amiga Inc. trying to send to a normal human that views it? The ‘does not distribute or support’ text makes the product sound disowned before it’s even launched — which is true from a business context, but do you recognize the disconnect in enthusiasm it projects for your own licensable brand?
[21:10:17] Question from Floid: 2. We know revenue is important, and you seem to have a reputation for salvage (CD-i?)… But as a PC brand, Amiga preserved the chance for ‘mere mortals’ (without NDAs or console-$ dev licences) to do cool stuff. Is the SDK+royalties model unchanged? Have you found a way to make this jive with the popularity of open-source — even Java lets a developer ‘publish’ OSS straight to the end-user — and do you care?
[21:10:28] Question from Raziel: What are the chances of a past-OS4.X coming from Hyperion?
[21:12:19] I should clarify that the comment on OS 4.0. Amiga Inc does not distribute or offer technical support for AmigaOS 4.0. Tha is the sole responsibility of thde AmigaOne Partners. We certainly support the distribution of the product. The idea that we are not interested in the OS and its future is very far from the truth.
[21:15:22] The SDK plus royalties model is being alterred a bit for developers. We will clarify all of that on the DevNet site. I realize the interest in open source. None of our partners or potential partners ahve shown any interest. In fact, quite the opposite. BTW – trying to get away from salvage.
[21:15:38] next and one at a time please
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[21:16:32] coming up
[21:18:31] Question from goody_AOS4: Will AmigaOS play a role in the future for Amiga?
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[21:20:26] Welcome guest from Tao group
[21:21:15] AmigaOS 4 is currently aimed at specific distribution. There is no business reason why that market couldn’t be extended. In the bigger picture, we have sadi that we are moving toward enalbing technology truly anywhere – most processors and all major operating systems. This includes the possibility of running native.
[21:21:42] next
[21:22:08] MiMe_OS4 -> can you outline the development path starting from os4 over os4.x to os5 and beyond?
[21:23:15] We do not speculate on product development. We announce things we’ve done not things we are planning on doing.
[21:23:19] next
[21:23:33] StevenC -> Will there be multiuser functionality added to a future release?
[21:24:29] We’ve recently put out a call to developers asking for applications aimed at multi-user, 3D and GPS enabled markets. These are good ones.
[21:24:33] next
[21:25:12] Floid -> 3. To cap off, “Amiga” hasn’t had the best luck chasing opportunity this past decade, while the disgruntledness in the industry you hail from (EA, the ‘GDC rant session’ floating around) defines a current one. A lot of people want an alternative platform, and “to name something is to have power over it,” so is the ‘name’ company still interested in giving freaks a banner to rally under? Or is don’t-call-us we’ll-call-you the new
[21:27:31] how about next? (it’s not even a question, and does not make sense)
[21:27:44] Elwood -> What would you think if Hyperion would want to update the licence they have with Amiga: enlarging the target hardware to other platforms, enlarging the OS version to OS 5.x ? As you are interested by DE only, it would increase incomes for AInc.
[21:28:32] We don’t want to harm the ferver and support for desktop Amigas. And we do and will support the desktop. But to build a sustainable business we need to enable multiple devices and are moving toward doing so. I hope people like the result. I know some won’t.
[21:28:35] next
[21:29:01] nutter_a1 -> Do you have any plans for official Amiga keyboards, mice and cases for the AmigaOne range?
[21:31:11] We have been approached by third parties to seek such licenses. This is an item I will take up with AmigaOne Partners. We do have the ability to grant such licenses but it is important that it is in the business interest of our partner.
[21:31:14] next
[21:31:24] Has OS4 been looked at for use in other areas of Amiga inc.
[21:31:33] Yes
[21:31:36] next
[21:32:11] ID4 -> Hello gary, what are you long term plans for amigaos?
[21:33:26] Over time, AmigaOS will become the enabling technology offering a true cross-device, “internet” operating system.
[21:33:30] next
[21:33:34] Fransexy -> Could be bought amigade for several plataforms and the content separately, or will be come the software related with the player specify for each platform, having to buy the same title for several platforms?
[21:37:14] In preparing for this IRC, I read many of the posts on this and other sites. One item that seems to be missed is that AmigaAnywhere transforms storage media, turning memeory devices (SD, mini-SD, USB, and the like) into very smart media. Applications can be “played” without download or use of system memory. This is extraordinarily important and provides ready markets for AmigaAnywhere and its applications.
[21:37:29] next
[21:37:51] alefOne -> What are Amiga Inc. hoping that Amiga user base will associate Amiga name with and be “fateful” too? the AmigaDE or AmigaOS? Or will AmigaDE/AmigaOS become one unit in future as stated in AmigaOS plans?
[21:39:11] We are hoping the Amiga name will be assoicated with run anywhere innovative applications. this means scaling from the smallest phone to the larger desktop monitor.
[21:39:13] next
[21:39:45] Fransexy -> Will be ported amiga anywhere and the sdk to amigaos4? If not, does not think that nobosy took seriosly a company that creates a software that runs in any plataform except in theirt own
[21:41:19] I think I answered this. If AmigaOne parters wants AmigaAnywhere for 4.0, we will support. I agree that our solutions should be available on our own branded products..
[21:41:29] Hombre -> Is the lawsuite against Genesi completly ended ? And what is the result ?
[21:41:29] next
[21:43:28] DaveyD: ?
[21:43:30] GarryH, Hold on, it’s comming
[21:43:37] klesterjr -> “Will Hyperion be developing the OS beyond version 4.0?”
[21:44:30] We immediately attempted to comply with the Court. On numerous occasions we attempted to contact both Thendic and Mr. Buck through his legal representative. We received no reply. We invoked our rights under the agreement and sent 30 day notice to cancel. the 30 days expired wsithout reply. The agreement was cancelled in its entirety. Most of you that followed thios sopa opera realize that the litigation had little, if anything
[21:44:50] next
[21:44:52] klesterjr -> “Will Hyperion be developing the OS beyond version 4.0?”
[21:45:55] Development rights are clearly defined in the origianl agreement. Terms have no been disclosed by me or AmigaOne Partners.
[21:45:58] next
[21:46:02] Topaz -> When other Amiga compatible devices will be shown to the public
[21:48:44] We have released for SmartPhone. AA 1.5 alos is being made available for the Personal Media Player market and the Linus set top box market. Some devices will ship this year. These markets are mostly interested in applications. We need more.
[21:48:46] next
[21:49:23] GuruMeditation -> If you look at most other industries where there is one company ‘in charge’ you will find a good network of information, both to and from various dealers. Commodore used to have something similar, both for software/hardware developers and repair/retailers. Do you have plans for establishing something along those lines?
[21:53:40] Amiga Inc. is structured a little differently. We hope to have very open communications with developers. In most cases we enter CE markets through partners, they would communicate directly with delaers and the like. Direct consumer retail, meaning sending product to retail outlets is something we would like to stay away from and I think we can. Finding good dealers is a huge challenge. One personal example, We ordered AmigaOne’s
[21:53:43] next
[21:53:45] IanS -> You implied before that it was up to Eyetech/Hyperion to contact Amiga Inc with regards to porting Amiga DE to the OS4/AmigaOne platform. What are the financial implications of porting AmigaDE to OS4? Will it be done in-house by Amiga Inc. DE developers, or will Hyperion/Eyetech be expected to pay for porting (or port it themselves)? Does the same apply to other third parties who may be interested in licensing the DE technology?
[21:55:47] This is really the type of question Hyperion/Eyetech would send direct. Amiga, Inc is handling all devices. We call the product AmigaAnywhere, not DE.
[21:55:55] next
[21:56:05] Mikey_C-A1200T
[21:56:07] Question: Will Amiga.Inc be bringing AmigaOne hardware, software and distibution under one company’s control to ensure users have a consistent experience?
[21:56:58] No. We are not involved in hardware distribution. That is the responsibility of AmigaOne Partners.
[21:57:01] next
[21:57:03] Question: Will Amiga, Inc. be attending any Amiga Community or computing industry shows?
[21:57:09] «Topic» DaveyD sets topic to “type your questions in #amigaworld_discuss”
[21:57:13] Yes
[21:57:18] 🙂
[21:57:19] next
[21:58:29] Are you referring to AmigaOne computers. If so, direct the question to Eyetech
[21:58:32] next
[21:58:41] alx -> “Fleecy Moss said previously in the Q&A’s on Amigaworld that an ‘Amiga Power Platform’ site would be set up for infomation on the A1/OS4. Does the ‘new’ Amiga Inc plan on adding such a subsite and if so, when?”
[22:00:03] Garry use more that one line if your answers are very long as some are getting chopped off
[22:00:20] Fleecy said quite a bit in the Q&A:) I don’t think it is our role to answer questions that would be better responded to by the Friedens or others.
[22:00:22] next
[22:00:37] Question: I recall that KMOS bough a storage technology company. Now that KMOS is Amiga, Inc., how does this fit in with the company’s plans?
[22:01:30] I should say, “no comment”, but note – I referred to an “internet” operating system.
[22:01:33] next
[22:01:41] Have any other thrid party companies expressed an interest in licensing hardware for use with AOS4 other than Eyetech? Does AInc have any interest in pursuing these types of agreements, and if so, at what financial cost to an enquiring company?
[22:03:25] Difficult question. We have collaborated with Hyperion on some opportunities beyond the obvious. I suspect there will be more. The cost has to do with the ease or difficulty of moving from one family of devices to another.
[22:03:27] next
[22:03:36] Question: What kind of support does Hyüerion receive from KMOS?
[22:04:38] When we’ve asked them to do something we pay for it. They haven’t approached us about any other form of support. KMOS is no more.
[22:04:40] next
[22:05:26] <_Steve_> question: is amiga inc. currently actively trying to bring state-of-the-art software to the os4 platform (dvd authoring programs, office suite, web browsers, whatever) ar has amiga inc. at least some interes to do so?
[22:06:21] At the moment we are not involved in software for the AmigaOne.
[22:06:23] next
[22:06:32] Next month DiscreetFX will be showing off the Micro A1 at NAB 2005 for Newtek and others, would Amiga Inc. like to have product information passed out or get involded in any way?
[22:07:22] If things go as we plan we will be at NAB
[22:07:24] next
[22:08:07] Rincewynd -> Your answer regarding AmigaAnywhere on AmigaOne indicates that Amiga, Inc won’t take a proactive role in this matter. Why?
[22:09:07] No particular reason. Hyperion is quite buysy getting a product out. they should be the ones who decide to add features, including AmigaAnywhere.
[22:09:14] next
[22:09:27] what is the future of what we today call the AmigaOS technology? It only has a minor role on the new amiga inc website. Will there be an OS4.1, 4.2,.. etc? Will there be an OS5 based on the current amigaOS codebase (and not amigade/amigaanywhere)?
[22:11:18] I think I answered this. We are interested in operating systems. We moved future product developemnt in-house last August. We do not publicly speculate on product development
[22:11:21] next
[22:11:23] Topaz -> I’m a working on java games for one of the largest wireless operator in the world. When I will be able to sell games for AmigaDE capable mobile phones ?
[22:13:28] We do support java today – so I guess that means today. A sub-question is why would anyone want to buy jave games through a third party enabling technology like AmigaAnywhere. Answer comes back to our impact on smart media.
[22:13:30] next
[22:13:37] *Gold* Who are the AmigaOnePartners, and who owns OS4?
[22:15:28] The AmigaOne Partners are collectively Hyperion and Eyetech. Amiga, Inc. licensed them the right to develope AmigaOS 4.0 in 2001. In consideration of this they have defined distribution rights.
[22:15:30] next
[22:15:40] <_Steve_> Question: The AInc website uses some odd wording around the future rights or development of AOS beyond AOS4. Can you clarify this a bit? Does Hyperion own the rights to produce any releases past 4.0 final, or are they, or someone else, expected to?
[22:17:25] Technical development of future Amiga products have been brought in-house. Existing rights to extend existing products are defined by agreement and are confidential.
[22:17:27] next
[22:18:23] Will the next SDK be for free? Or only for the current developers, that is the ones that bought the previous one.
[22:20:35] The SDK will be free to those who purchased the first one. Developer support will be handled very similarly to the industry. We have to have some filter on who becomes a developer and why. Beyond that we week to make them our partners.
[22:20:57] Question: Who are the Amiga management team?
[22:22:04] Do you mean officers or management?
[22:22:07] next
[22:22:16] The-Guest962 -> When will the dealer network be given greater abitly to fix the problems the the AmigaOne hardware, or will there be locations world wide which can guarenty a quality fix, rather then suggesting they may fix it but can’t be held accountable if they mess up.
[22:23:28] I don’t know and it is an excellent question. the quality of the dealers is beginning to affect the Amiga brand. I want it addressed. they are not my delaers.
[22:23:30] next
[22:23:35] dholm -> When will OS4 be available for the Pegasos?
[22:25:26] We have received communication from four people asking for this license, none of them are from Pagasos. We haven’t received a formal request from the company. It comes down to their ownership, management and business practices.
[22:25:28] next
[22:25:33] Question: I mean CEO CTO COO, Marketing etc etc.
[22:26:32] Rather than list them here, some are quoted in releases on the web site. Officers will be listed there as well.
[22:26:34] next
[22:26:41] It seems to be so far, that Amiga Inc, appear to have lost all interest in AmigaOS and are concentrating on AmigaAnywhere, is this correct? Does Amiga have any plans at all for AmigaOS?
[22:27:48] moment of truth…
[22:27:55] Nothing could be further from the truth. We have very specific plans and no I will not discuss them no matter how creative you all get in reframing the question.
[22:27:59] next
[22:28:00] foody> Where do you think OS 4.0 and A1 stands in terms of the future as both a games and business machine?
[22:30:19] Very, very difficult markets. It will take quite a lot and much more attractive pricing in break out in either the games of business. Plus, and I know this will bother some, both of these markets require devices beyond the desktop to be successful. Amiga needs a laptop.
[22:30:20] next
[22:30:23] [09:20PM] Question: Is Amiga Inc going to take over AmigaOS development after Hyperion? does it actually have a future?
[22:31:22] No. we honor Hyperions rights. ALL FUTURE development has been brought in-house.
[22:31:25] next
[22:31:32] Question: Great, we got the t-shirts, thanks! But there is still the matter of the discount vouchers. We you be honouring them? And/or what about some kind of discount on purchacing Amiga Inc shares?
[22:34:40] I’ve been waiting for this one. We don’t seserve much credit on the shirts. We paid for them but Bill and Ray got them printed and shipped. As I understand it, about 1000 were dropped worldwide. If I knew it was to tke the shipping company three months to try and verify addresses I never would have mentioned them. An aside to the BOT – I understnd I am limited to 400 words. Please send this again so I can address the voucher is
[22:34:42] next
[22:34:44] QUESTION: I’m glad to see that you see the need for laptops! If potential investor were willing to fund such hardware, would they have to deal with Eytech or Amiga Inc.?
[22:34:55] Amiga, Inc.
[22:34:58] nest
[22:35:05] Before aquiering Amiga Inc, how much was KMOS worth, I ask this in order to gauge the size of the company that now owns Amiga Inc or rather is Amiga Inc
[22:35:57] Do you really think I’d answer this – now you’re trying to get me fired!
[22:35:59] next
[22:36:13] lol
[22:36:17] Question: I run a software company specialising in mobile communications and media. Is there any reason why I should invest money and resources in AmigaAnywhere?
[22:37:33] Perhaps. You might contact Greg Sigel at [email protected]
[22:37:35] next
[22:38:06] Question: Why doesn’t Amiga, Inc. take advantage of the great talents and
[22:38:07] commitment that exists in the community? (For PR, news articles, reviews, shows, web etc.) Some
[22:38:07] official recognition would be nice from the “top floor”.
[22:38:07] 35:51] miksuh: kick kick kick kick
[22:38:28] whoops sorry about the last line
[22:38:30] ignore it
[22:38:32] lol
[22:38:34] damn copy and paste
[22:43:31] One of the aspects of Amiga that attracted us in the first place was the Amiga Community. Initially I planned to ask people to help us in product testing and research by country. I was a bit naieve. Over time I’ve realized that some people would like to help and some would like to harm almost anything we do. I’ve turned to the developers for this kind of support and feedback. I know tht many people will have opinions on anything
[22:43:57] Rigo-> As you are pushing AmigaAnywhere into the market place with renewed vigor, how easy is it for developers to get access to the SDK and become part of the AmigaAnywhere community?
[22:44:21] next
[22:45:27] Very easy. If you have a good application (we can provide market research if you’d like) all you need do is execute the SDA. Detials will be on the site in the next couple days.
[22:45:29] next
[22:45:38] Question: Garry, I’m sure you’ve presused the forums in preparation for coming
[22:45:38] here. Is there something you’d like to say to everyone here today that might give some hope, if not
[22:45:38] details, for the future as it pertains to AmigaOS, and not just AA?
[22:45:38] 44:20]
[22:47:34] Mikey – I think I’ve done this, several times. We are interested in an “internet” operating system. We support the desktop. We hope OS 4.0 does well. We support AA on AmigaOne. We are proceeding with product development. What else can I say?
[22:47:37] next
[22:48:04] Ask me about the vouchers, I got cut off in mid-reply
[22:48:27] I think people want to know what’s gonna happen with them Garry
[22:48:29] GarryH: just answer it and dividie into several answers
[22:48:34] liek
[22:48:36] this
[22:48:36] Will the be honoured?
[22:53:19] On the subject of vouchers. While we have no obligation to honor them, I have said we have a moral one. I tried, unscuccessfully, to address this matter some time ago. I will say this – 100% of Amiga, Inc.’s gross royualty associated with the sale and distivbution of the AmigaOne and OS 4.0 will go toward repaying these damn things. Once Os 4.0 is in the market we will find an easy way to claim your return. If my numbers are cor
[22:53:23] next
[22:53:32] Garry thank you for your time in this IRC session. In closing is there anything you would like to add or any questions we didn’t ask that you would like to answer?
[22:53:51] cor?
[22:54:03] A big thanks for enduring allmost two hours of IRC interviewing GarryH
[22:55:30] Continution on vouchers – got cut off …If my numbers are correct we break even at a couple thousand units of 4.0 sales. Some of the more vocal posters on this matter need to get to teir local dealer and buy an
[22:56:01] Amiga One and OS 4.0
[22:56:10] GarryH: thanks
[22:56:13] Thanks
[22:56:26] As DaveyD said, would you like to give us all a round up?
[22:56:50] Thank you all for your time. Now I have four ten year olds waiting to go to Robots.
[22:56:59] lol
[22:57:17] Remember!! Q&A Session with the Friedens in regards to AOS4, will take Place here on this channel soon!
[22:57:20] Remember!! Q&A Session with the Friedens in regards to AOS4, will take Place here on this channel soon!

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  1. Bon ben 350 gars online ca c’est positif. En plus on a appris que 2000 unités d’AOne ont été vendu pour le moment. Pour le reste rien de nouveau car AInc vend juste des droits à Hyperion, le reste ça ne les regarde pas et vu l’intérêt du marché je comprends bien la chose.

    Une question subsiste : pourquoi ce Q&A? ben oui car apparemment il avait rien à annoncer sur l’amigaos ou l’aone or si il est pas trop con il sait bien que l’amigaanywhere c’est pas trop notre truc… Donc il est venu faire la promo de ce produit.
    Conclusion : comme il est pas francais fo voter NON à l’Europe 😀

  2. Oui, vraiment pas grand chose à retenir de cette conférence…
    La prochaine devrait être plus intéressante, vu que sera les frères Frieden !

    /me essayera d’assister à la prochaine.

    • Lanza sur 22 mars 2005 à 10h15

    Edité suite au post de Garry Hare sur AW.

    Bon Hypérion a le droit de faire des OS 4.x, c’est une bonne nouvelle.

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