Hatari v0.90

Une nouvelle mise à jour d’Hatari, l’émulateur d’Atari ST porté sous AmigaOS 4.0 notamment, vient de paraître.

Vous pouvez retrouver la liste des changements apportés par cette version 0.90 dans “lire la suite…”.

Télécharger : Hatari.lha (AmigaOS 4.0) [1,5 Mo]

  • Better Spectrum 512 support (60Hz support, improved I/O memory waitstates).
  • STE right border opening support (used in Obsession, Pacemaker).
  • Blitter Smudge mode support (used in Pacemaker demo).
  • Wheel-mouse simulates cursor up and down.
  • Work-around to FDC handling, –slow-fdc option is not anymore needed.
  • Bugfix to MFP, sound works now in more YMRockerz releases.
  • Bugfix to GEMDOS path handling (Hatari SIGSEGV).
  • Bugfix to emulated memory initialization (4MB was cleared earlier, now
    exactly the amount set up for Hatari. Saves memory on embedded systems
    if less than 4MB is specified.)

  • Re-written command-line option handling.
  • (Again) lots of code const/static, type usage and indentation cleanup.
  • Preliminary support for TOS 3.0x and 030 TT software that runs in ST
    resolutions and doesn’t need PMMU.

  • Native GUI for Mac OSX.
  • ACSI emulation fixes to get HD formatting to work with AHDI 5. HD emulation
    now works quite fine with AHDI 5 (but other HD drivers are currently not

  • Joystick shortcut changed to toggle cursor emulation between ports 0 and 1.
  • Keys for all Hatari shortcuts can now be configured from hatari.cfg.
  • Added command line option for setting ST keyboard mapping.
  • Joystick command line option requires now parameter for a port for which
    the joystick cursor emu is enabled.

  • Fixed relative mouse event handling in zoomed low-rez.
  • Hatari shows now more of the bottom borden (screen size is now 384×276
    instead of 384×267).

  • Fixed sync delay timings – sound should now be better (e.g. on Mac OS X).
  • Added basic support for compiling Hatari with MinGW.

(NdA: en cours de traduction)

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