SabreMSN alpha 0.57

James ‘jahc’ Carroll a publié une nouvelle version alpha de son interface utilisateur multilingue basée sur MSN Messenger : SabreMSN pour AmigaOS 3 / 4 et AROS.

Une liste des changements (en anglais) est disponible dans “lire la suite…

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Changements dans SabreMSN Alpha 0.57 (2009-08-18) :

  • Fixed “challenge string” calcuation issue with certain sized challenge codes.. no more disconnections after a minute of being online. Thanks to MickJT on Send him a donation to say thanks! The initial disconnection still happens sometimes, but when it reconnects, it stays connected now. Well, for me at least. 🙂
  • Added automatic reconnection when disconnected. Configurable values.
  • Commented out file transfer stuff, because it was too buggy to use and was causing confusion I think. The GUI looks more handsome now.
  • Bugfixed Group Chats a little.
  • Changed the layout of the top of the chat window. Let me know if you guys like it. Text labels at the top showing: display name, email address, and personal messages if one is being displayed. Also, you can copy to the clipboard from it.
  • Away status is shown next to the display name at the top of the chat window, and it tells you when the person went offline if they go..
  • Made the tab buttons so they dont have to occupy as much space as the text inside them i.e. the text can be cut off inside now if the window is too small for the tabs, and it isnt forced to be a large size anymore. (did that make sense?)
  • Oops, renaming contact button doesnt work anymore.. the setting isnt remembered when you reconnect. I think that particular rename command only works for the current session. I think the MSN client is supposed to keep a local copy on the hard drive, then rename the contact when it connects and retrieves the contacts list. Hmmmmmmm.
  • Weird error: For some reason I had commented out a Contact List display name copy, and I cant remember why. I’ve only noticed recently that some names were email addresses or just blank. So I’ve re-enabled it.
  • Changed “Add a contact” string gadget to use BetterString.mcc so that OS3 users can paste contact addresses into it.
  • Amiga Impact