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   [LIVRE] 101 Amiga Games That Influenced The Gaming Industry
   | 30 mai 2015 | Médias,

Un nouveau livre en anglais est sorti récemment, en format broché (24,95 livres sterling) ou pdf (4,95 livres sterling) : « 101 Amiga Games That Influenced The Gaming Industry », écrit par Justin Castle.

Voici l’éditorial, en anglais :

101 Amiga Games That Influenced The Gaming Industry Paperback

This pixel-art book showcases 101 reasons why the Amiga was a great games machine, and had a massive influence around the world with both developers and gamers alike.  It’s all in this book.

This book is now available directly to buy from Amazon on the links below;

« The Commodore Amiga, a computer that often gets forgotten about in the midst of console and PC retro gaming talk, this book aims to redress the balance and show the Amiga, was perhaps the leader in many ways of original game design.

This book isn't any random 101 games that was released on the Amiga, the book demonstrates 101 reasons why the Amiga was a great games machine, and had a massive influence around the world with both developers and gamers alike.

From the budget computers a quarter of the price of PC's, that were truly multitasking and plug and play, to it's games half the price of it's console rivals, and why its games still live on today's modern formats….creative, original, versatile and above all fun. »

Also included are pages of great Amiga games in different genres showing the best of what the Amiga was capable of, some include dual screen shots to compare versions like for like.

Looking back at retro gaming it’s easy to think a particular system had this game or that game when it first came out, in reality at the time it was oh so different. The Amiga was one of the strongest platforms for new and original games, Lemmings, Sensible Soccer, Flashback, Pinball Fantasies, Cannon Fodder and 96 other games are covered in this book, some were exclusive, others were released on the Amiga first, and in some cases a full 3 years before other versions came out, i think that would be hard to imagine nowadays!

    The Book Features;
  • 101 Amiga Classic Games (Either Amiga Exclusive or Released First On Amiga).
  • Game Details For Each With Brief Description.
  • 212 Full Colour Pages. (Great Pixel Art With Many Games Having Double Pages).
  • Genre Defining Games. (RPG, Sports, Platformers, SEU etc).
  • Great Amiga Ports. (8-Bit Computer, 16-Bit Computer, Console, Arcade Games).
  • All Amiga Formats are covered (A500/A1200/CDTV/CD32)
  • Book Is Landscape Orientation , Perfect For Game Screen Shots.

Copyright : Justin Castle
Edition : First Edition
Publisher : Castle Books
Published : 5/3/15
Language : English
Pages : 212 Full Colour

Pour l’acheter, direction sur le site de Castle Books.


Site internet : http://www.freewebstore.org/castlebooks

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