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    Une mis a jour du PiStrom est sortie (hier ou cette nuit ?).
    Pas encore testé, Amélioration du RTG, correction de truc pour le Zorro, correction émulation 680×0, …




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    Discord m’a envoyé un message avec ce contenu:

    _Bnu — Aujourd’hui à 01:57
    @everyone Summer is dead, and an autumn merge from beeanyew/wip-crap to the main repo has been performed, and there are some rather important things to note that might need to be addressed before you can resume your usual scheduled PiStorm activities:
    ● default.cfg has been removed. There are new instructions on how to handle this change in the main project readme on github. If you have edited your default.cfg, please move it out of your pistorm folder or delete it.
    ● The RTG driver now has hardware mouse cursor support. This speeds up all things RTG a good bit, but it requires the updated pigfx020.card to display a mouse cursor at all. If your Amiga is currently configured to boot into an RTG mode by default, please set it to a native RTG display mode, and then run the PiRTG installer from the PiStorm HDF or otherwise copy the new pigfx020.card to LIBS:Picasso96.
    ● There is an extremely experimental « Chip fastpath » feature that speeds up Chip RAM/bus bandwidth a fair bit. This may cause instability, so only enable it if you want to try it out for yourself, this is done by typing make ACFLAGS=-DCHIP_FASTPATH on the command line instead of just make. This requires a make clean.
    ● Physical Zorro (2) devices now initialize before virtual ones. I’ve tested this, and it appears to work fine, but if there are any problems with it, please give me a shout in beta-testing or software-support or something and I’ll try to fix it or revert it as soon as possible.

    Here’s a list of changes, forgive me if I’ve missed something:
    ● default.cfg has been removed from the repo, more detailed information above.
    ● Updated and added numerous readmes to various subdirectories on the repo, with information like generic config file settings and platform-specific setvar information in the related directories.
    ● Some RTG fixes and enhancements, including a hardware mouse cursor.
    ● Various RTG scaling options, can be configured using either the PiStorm application or more exhaustively using PiSimple in for instance scripts.
    ● RTG DPMS support by @LinuxJedi. This can be enabled in the config file to put the HDMI mode to sleep when no RTG mode is active. This can be used for instance as a sort of auto-switch between the PiStorm RTG and RGB2HDMI output.
    ● Slow2fast Agnus detection improvements by @LIV2.
    ● Incredibly questionable virtual AHI device. While this « works », it doesn’t work properly, but you can enable it if you want to mess around with it. Currently can’t/won’t be fully fixed until IRQs can be made to work properly. More detailed information on how to use it is available in platforms/amiga/ahi.
    ● A bunch of PiStorm interaction device acceleration commands have been added. These are currently only used in a special build of ScummVM, which is available at http://www.apehead.se/snakes9000/buld.zip This zip file must be extracted to its own folder, you cannot overwrite an existing version of ScummVM with it as it does not have theme support or anything like that. It is entirely possible that it won’t work properly, and it does require the PiStorm interaction device to be enabled to display anything at all on screen.
    ● Physical Zorro (2) devices now initialize before virtual ones. This should in theory fix the problem with for instance the CD-ROM drive on the CDTV not being the first AutoConfig device detected, but it likely still won’t work very well due to the lack of bus arbitration support in the CPLD firmware.
    ● CPU emulation has seen a minor speed increase, not entirely clean code-wise but should be fine for the time being.

    (Naturally, the PiStorm HDF with support software for the Amiga side of things has been updated by @Lemaru and @LinuxJedi as well.)


    Amiga A500 + GVP530 (8Mo/fpu/mmu/scsi) - en panne 🙁
    A500 (+ 1Mo PPS), A1200 (Blizzard-IV/fpu/64Mo)
    A500 Vampire V2+ ^8^ 🙂
    (mais aussi TO8, TO8D, TO9. Groupe PULS.)


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    Salut, je vais la tester ce soir en rentrant.

    -Mist Midi Sd32Go
    -MiSTer Sd64Go + Sd16Go
    -Rpi3b+ Sd128Go NesPI Case +
    -Rpi3b+ Sd128Go MegaPI Case
    -Rpi3b+ Sd128Go RGBPi
    -Amiga 500 Rev5 1Mo Chip, Gotek, ACA500+
    -CM de 1200 pour un projet...
    -Atari 520 STE 4mo RAM Gotek

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