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Individual Computers a réédité leur célèbre adaptateur IDE IDEFix-Express. L’adaptateur est une interface d’ide avec mémoire tampon permettant de connecter jusqu’à quatre périphériques IDE à l’amiga 1200, il permet également d’accélérer le transfert de données en multipliant par 5 par rapport à l’original.

IDEFix-Express est livré avec une version complète enregistrée du pilote IDE IDEFix.

L’adaptateur est disponible chez Vesalia et AmigaKit

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    • Lion sur 16 juillet 2007 à 21h57

    A noter que la vitesse de 5x plus vite que l’IDE original n’est pas confirmé par Jens Schoenfeld :

    voici le commentaire original publié sur et :

    Not sure who did the measurement of “5x faster” – the general rule of thumb is “twice as fast with the accelerator you have”.

    Most 040 and 060 accelerators reduce the speed on the IDE to about 1MB per second. The top speed of 5.1MB per second is only reached with synconously-clocked 030 processors, for example the 42MHz models by M-Tec. Since 040/060 processors don’t talk to the A1200 motherboard directly, but through a bus arbiter that also emulates the dynamic bus sizing of the 030 processor, they are losing an average of 1.5 clock cycles. I’d expect an average performance of 2.5MB per second on 040/060/PPC accelerators, which is “about twice as fast” as without express.

    IDE-fix express is not as fast as the FastATA controller. However, it supports both 64-bit addressing modes (TD64 and NSD64) and no proprietary re-mapping of partitions and virtual harddrives. Further, it doesn’t touch your RDB unless you tell it to (by clicking “save changes to drive” in HDToolbox). Also, if you have the FastATA, you won’t be able to take advantage of the clockport-extender that will be out for this year’s Xmas business (will allow you to connect up to four clockport devices in the A1200).

    I have been asked if this product works in an A600 – it’s only sold together with the express-adapter, which does NOT work in the A600. The IDE-adapter itself would, but it would be a waste to buy both, only to use one half of it. Also, the express-adapter must be installed in order to license the software, as it acts as a dongle. The software would come up as a demoversion on an A600.

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