0AD devient libre … un portage possible ?

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  • M_o_Illusion

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    Pour les intéressés …

    /me retourne vite au boulot ^^


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    Houla, je sais pas si nos modestes Pegs et Awans seraient capable de lancer un jeu comme ça, vu la qualité graphique de la bête 8-)

    Mais pourquoi pas ^_^


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    There’s roughly 150K lines of C++ for the game engine, and another 25K for editing tools. Gameplay scripting uses JavaScript. We build on top of low-level libraries (OpenGL, OpenAL, ENet, …), not an existing game engine (like OGRE). The code isn’t all extremely clean or extremely modular or extremely well-written. It’s been written by a wide variety of programmers, and it’s far from a « completed » codebase. We want to continue cleaning things up as part of the normal development process. We’re not averse to rewriting entire subsystems if that’s the most effective way to make them satisfy our requirements. But in many areas it’s quite solid.

    ça donne pas envie !


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    pareil que SonCarré.

    De toute façon c’est foutu d’avance:

    (archive file loading, GL textures and shaders, …)

4 sujets de 1 à 4 (sur un total de 4)

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