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    Hi GothDevil


    Thanks for quick reply 🙂

    I completely agree with you. Some folks will skip it but some will take it. Actaully, a lot of people do buy restored old computers for waaay higher prices.

    I’ve simply put a price which I think is fair for my work and time I’ve spent on it. In other words, it is not a price of an A500.

    I could have written A500 for 50 EUR + 150 EUR for restoration and parts but IMO it doesn’t change much 🙂

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know my side of story 🙂


    Cheers to all amigians 😀

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    🙂 fortunately for some folks between them and the Amiga it is a long love story and a love story has no price isn’t it ?

    Maybe it is hardest for some people to digest the 200€ in one shot instead of doing the restoration step by step which for sure at the end will cost the same.

    Anyway, glad to had a chance to chat with you and your side of story has a lot of sense do not worry.

    Take care

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    Hi drygol.
    First, you do not need to justify your work.
    You’r price it’s you’r price.

    But…In my opinion :
    – S-video/color composite module is useless in 2019.
    – Chipram to 1Mb Cost almost nothing. (but maybe hard to find)
    – Dual Kickrom, same… (Eprom + switch Cost almost nothing.)
    – Gotek (ok, I think 30€ for gotek, maybe more, maybe less)
    – New membrane (on all Amiga 500?), ok, why not, not really needen but… why not), how much… 30€ ?
    – Repair (Amiga 500 it’s very very solid/stable computer, most repair are easy and fast.)*
    * And here, we have a ‘rescue Team’ that do this d’job, free.

    – Time spent to do all this d’job (yes, I know but…as all people do the same d’job no ? Ex: I’v Spent a lot of my time on Amiga 600 and I sold it for a good price).

    So, I understand your opinion and, if you are a company, I understand because they are lot of ‘taxe’ but If you’r not, for me, I Don’t understand the price, sorry.

    But, once again, no problem, it’s your choice, your price, no needend to justify yourself 🙂

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    Hi Giants,


    No worries, I just wanted to explain these prices. I will not feel good if I wouldn’t at least try to explain.


    IMO Your points are only partially valid.

    S-video is useless only in Europe. Remember that in the US and few other countries there is no such thing as SCART (which was developed in France if I am not mistaken) socket so you would need a CRT monitor and that is very often not an option.


    1MB Chipram – yes, it is not much but quite a few demoscene productions will need it. Arte by Sanity for example. Obviously, there are way better solutions. This is not FAST RAM in an expansion slot.


    Membrane was needed as I’ve pointed out in previous post – original was totally worn out.


    A500 is indeed a solid computer. However, I think you have on mind a regular, slightly yellowed amiga that someone sells on eBay.

    I wasn’t that lucky. I’ve bought 90x A500 but all of them are in very bad condition.

    I am posting pics from time to time on my blog.

    So basically, this is not only a matter of a few minutes spent on dedusting and using an IPA to clean keys like most of the YouTubers do on their channels. Believe me, it takes a lot of effort to sort out computers that spent 10+ years in a shed outside.

    I also understand your point that there are a lot of folks who can repair things for free. Actually, this is what I do for a lot of my friends localy 🙂

    Of course, It all can be made for little to even no costs at all if someone knows how to do it. This is not rocket science and I totally agree with you guys but I am not gonna sell my time nor knowledge for free as I need to earn something to feed my family 🙂

    Look at it this as on a daily job – Would you like to get 150 EUR for 3-5 days of work? for fixing, cleaning, upgrading, and retrobrighting, etc. etc. ? 🙂


    Anyway, thanks guys for explanation and your points of view 🙂


    ps. Oh, I forgot,  here is complete description of such A500 job


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    Thks for your explanation, pictures and link,
    You are doing a very big and good work.
    I better understand your opinion, it’s logic.

    I’m sure the people who buy you an Amiga 500 will be fully satisfied.

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    H/W : Bartop, borne d'arcade, Amiga500 x 3, Atari STF, Amstrad, etc, etc

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    Hello, A big thank you for reviving these beautiful machines. In France, I have the impression that the Amiga 1200 is the most requested. Good Job

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    Thank you guys 🙂



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