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      Merci Aladin pour ta réponse super rapide, les liens et le taf

      Je vais regarder tout ça



        Heil to the king, baby…

        Good day Aladin,
        first of all a big MERCI for all your work with your different versions of WHDLoad and the sea of games that you’ve already prepared, this opens the road to a lot of possibilities with Amiga games!
        I’d like to ask you something about GenericKick13 if possible, since I’m applying your custom WHDLoad to several games I had already installed but wanted to transform into WHDLoad to use them with emulators like Retropie etc.
        I’ve stumbled upon some old games that, though working with several of your WHDLoad versions, have visualization issues (expecially in the font size) that in my opinion could be solved using your GenericKick13. The problem is that it uses the CUSTOM option that directly points to the exe of the game, while I’d need to make first an assign since various games, once launched, ask for it. But I can’t do this in the startup-sequence since it’s ignored by the slave.
        Hence my question: is there a way to implement some commands like assigns before the exe is read or it would require some programming skill to modify the slave?
        Thanks again for everything, a big ciao from Italy!



          Joli déterrage de topic ^^

          Génial ton taff Aladin.

          Amiga + CPC + PC = La meme passion !



            Hello and thank you.
            Sorry, but it is not possible to add commands like « assign » in tooltype on the launch icon. Oblige to go through the workbench slaves using a « startup-sequence ». On the other hand if the game is not os2 or os3, therefore os1.x and it fits on a d7, you can use the unofficial d7 1.3 slave. With this solution, there is no more problem of font size. I noticed this problem. There is also the old slave 1.3 disk which manages the multi d7 but which will be limited to whdload 1.31 max.

            You can download my test kick with slave in my amigafrance page:

            Salut et merci.
            Désolé, mais il n’est pas possible de rajouter des commandes comme « assign » en tooltype sur l’icone de lancement. Obliger de passer par les slaves workbench utilisant une « startup-sequence ». Par contre si le jeu n’est pas ks2 ou ks3, donc ks1.x et qu’il tient sur une d7, vous pouvez utiliser le slave d7 ks1.3 non officiel. Avec cette solution, il n’y a plus de problème de taille de font. J’avais remarqué ce problème. Il y a aussi le vieux slave ks1.3 disk qui gère le multi d7 mais qui se limitera a whdload 1.31 maxi.



              Buongiorno Aladin!
              Merci for your kind answer, you’ve opened me some interesting options that I’ll need to dig into, expecially this thing of the d7 that I thought was used only with non dos disks…
              I’ll start to mess up a bit with these new ingredients,
              thanx again for your tips and have a good day!



                Oh frère, je ne pense pas que ce soit un bon moyen



                  Bonjour Aladin,
                  I’m here again seeking a pearl of wisdom in the Whdload planet;
                  I stumbled on several non working titles, that always returns more or less the same error (I’ll give here an example taken from DNA Warrior):

                  Exception  »Trap #0 » ($80)
                  at $7E370 (Task ‘Initial CLI’) occurred.

                  I tried several Whdload options and slaves, even the command DIC with kick13D7, but nothing changes.
                  For old games if I attempt to use the GenericKick13 it sometimes gives me a different message, like
                  Exception  »Line 1111 Emulator ».
                  In a few cases I resolved using a different adf version of the game, but still a lot of titles don’t work.
                  I surfed a bit through the net in search of a solution but I it’s beyond my comprehension, so I’d be curious to know if you already met a thing like this …
                  Here is a small list of the titles that I found:

                  3D Construction Kit II
                  3D Game Series
                  DNA Warrior
                  Global Commander
                  Libyans in Space
                  Second World
                  Street Cat

                  But there are many others (and among these I noticed a lot of game demos found in some collections, like Atrophy, Dragon’s Lair 2, Elvira arcade, Global Gladiators, Guy Spy, Gunship 2000, etc.).
                  I guess it’s all from here, a good day to everybody in Amiga world



                    Hi joenemesys

                    Les WHDLOAD génériques sont pour les jeux/démo qui utilisent amigados sans truc trop bizarres. Les jeux/démo utilisant trackdisk ne fonctionneront pas.

                    Si après l’utilisation des tooltypes NOVBRMOVE (pour les Trap0) et NOCACHE, cela ne fonctionne pas, alors il faut obligatoirement un vrai esclave WHDLOAD.

                    In English (en anglais):
                    Generic WHDLOADs are for games/demos that use amigados without weird stuff. Games/demos using trackdisk will not work.

                    If after using the NOVBRMOVE (for Trap0) and NOCACHE tooltypes it doesn’t work, then you need a real WHDLOAD slave.



                      Merci beaucoup for your fast answer, Aladin, very kind; after your explanation it’s definitely much clearer in my foggy brain.
                      Merci again and have a good day!

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