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    <span id= »star_30230″> </span>The Amiga Consciousness
    posted by Thom Holwerda on Thu 15th Mar 2018 00:52 UTC

    There exists a global community, a loosely knit consciousness of individuals that crosses boundaries of language and artistic disciplines. It resides in both the online and physical space, its followers are dedicated, if not fervent. The object and to some extent, philosophy that unites these adherents, is a computer system called the Commodore Amiga. So why does a machine made by a company that went bankrupt in 1994 have a cult like following? Throughout this essay I will present to you, the reader, a study of qualitative data that has been collected at community events, social gatherings and conversations. The resulting narrative is intended to illuminate the origins of the community, how it is structured and how members participate in it. Game industry professionals, such as the person interviewed during the research for this paper, will attest to the properties, characteristics and creative application of the machine, and how this creativity plays a role in the sphere of their community. I will examine the bonds of the society, to determine if the creative linage of the computer plays a role in community interactions.

    The Amiga community is probably one of the most fascinating technology subcommunity out there. Lots of infighting, various competing Amiga operating systems, incredibly expensive but still outdated hardware, dubious ownership situations – it’s all there. Yet, they keep going, they keep pushing out new software and new hardware, and they’re in no danger of falling apart.


    Prédateur Chess | iBook G4 - MorphOS | Amiga 500 + ACA500 et Vampire 2+ | Amiga 1200 + ACA1233


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    L’article vers lequel OSNews pointe :


    Prédateur Chess | iBook G4 - MorphOS | Amiga 500 + ACA500 et Vampire 2+ | Amiga 1200 + ACA1233



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    Yeah, j’en avais parlé dans le podcast de la semaine 11 d’ailleurs.

    Intéressant même si un peu trop « partisan » à mon goût ^^

    /me a trouvé ça sympa quand même.

    Only Amiga makes it possible !

    Pensez à vous inscrire sur www.annuaire-amiga.org, l'Annuaire des Amigaïstes toutes saveurs confondues ! ^^

3 sujets de 1 à 3 (sur un total de 3)

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