Vmwaros 1.0.1 et 10.0.2

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    Je vais tenter un article dans la semaine que je posterais ici et sur aros exec



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    Et hop, la version 1.0.2 est là ;-)


    Hop, news en ligne. Pour plus d’informations, c’est ici que ça se passe :

    « [AROS] VmwAROS 10.0.2« 


    /me va aller faire une news ;-)

    Only Amiga makes it possible !

    Pensez à vous inscrire sur www.annuaire-amiga.org, l'Annuaire des Amigaïstes toutes saveurs confondues ! ^^


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    Arf pas le temps d’en essayer une en v’là une autre .Il chome pas les mecs .

    Pour qemu/vmware , émulation/virtualisation .Donc autant prendre Vmware .

    Sous VirtualBox le live CD bloque aussi juste après le choix de la résolution d’écran .


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    About VirtualBox

    Please, choose another virtualization program. AROS developers have spent many days figuring out why AROS works on any other virtual machine but VirtualBox, and then found a bug in VBox’s timer device. They fixed AROS sources to produce a workaround, and AROS actually ran for a while on Vbox too. Then a new release of VBox came out and… tah, dah!… AROS isn’t working anymore, this time for some missing features in its VESA implementation.

    I think they are sick if running behind VBox coders.

    AROS correctly works on Qemu, VMware, Parallels, VirtualPC… it doesn’t work only on VirtualBox. So, who’s wrong?


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    Bah!,Vmware or qemu it is ok is work well, thank you for your information.


    Yep yep

    yes, with VPC I have a black screen .


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    Hello paolone, I think you should tell about those issues on the virtualbox forum. They may be interested in making their software more compatible.

    I remember some time ago Haiku couldn’t boot on VirtualBox. Now it’s running fine, but I don’t know if people of VirtualBox fixed something or if Haiku was modified. It was a problem about timer too I think.

    I’ve started a thread about Aros (the first one on this forum):


    Ma musique chiptune : https://soundcloud.com/garvalf

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