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  • Jerome Renkert

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    My name is Joerg Renkert,and I am developing a tool called ArtBase.
    First, a short description:
    In a german forum someone asked, how the users organise their game-collection. After first answers
    like « Excel » or « Open Office » otherones mentioned, that we were talking about amigagames and therefore amigasoftware
    should be used. So things like « TurboCalc », « Datamat » and other programs were named.
    The conclusion of this discussion:
    Every user uses other programs for this task.
    Mostly every user uses a program, which can export his table using the CSV-format.
    Mostly all discussers agreed, that Databases or Table-Sheets are simply to dry for this task.

    As I had finished my last projects and had the time for a new one, I desided to Create a tool,
    which can display your (existing) databases in an absolutely free configurable, stylish way: ArtBase.

    You will find further information and screenshots on the a1k-forum (german):

    Now, after two years of development, ArtBase is mostly finished.

    ArtBase shall be published in different languages, and so, I am looking for translators for it.
    The germand language is completely finished (my native language)
    English translation is mostly done by an external translator.

    What has to be done?
    The Amigaguide manual is about 60kilobytes in size.
    The catalogfile has roundabout 300 lines.
    The installationscript has about 15 lines.
    So I am looking for people, who would translate this peace of software into their native language,
    based on the english translation (or the german one, if wanted).

    What will you get for your work?
    ArtBase will be published as donationware.
    Everyone might use it for free, but is asked to pay some money for my work (roundabout 2000 hours).
    Everyone, who pays at least 20 Euros, will get ArtBase on a burnt, professional printed cd-rom
    inside a DVD-Cover including a printed manual (in the desired language) on high quality paper.

    Everyone who helps me developing ArtBase (GFX, betatesting and translation)
    will get the above mentioned CD as exchange.

    As I want (and hope) to publish ArtBase until the end of 2014, theres no time to loose.
    So if you have the time and the interest to translate ArtBase into your language, please contact
    me at [email protected]

    Thanks for your help!!

    Best regards

    Jerome Renkert

    [email protected]


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    Seems to be interesting.

    Is it for OS4? or others platforms (68k/MOS?))

    Forum is german only and it’s impossible to read thread without registration.

    Can you give informations (or/and screenshots) here?


    I could be interested to translate English to French (on OS4 and 68k)


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    Tarzin, si tu lis bien le message, il est écrit qu’il faut le contacter par mail… (même si je comprends que ton mail permet aussi d’avoir de l’information ici ! 🙂 ).

    A500+ACA500 - A600+Vampire 2+indivision ECS - A1200+Vampire V2 1200 - Mac Mini 1.42 sous MOS - Just CPC 128k - CPC 6128 - Atari STE 4Mo/CosmosEx - Atari Falcon CT60/SuperVidel 🙂
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    J’ai fait les 2 😉

    C’est juste que s’il peut y avoir un retour pour les autres utilisateurs du forum AI, c’est plus sympa.


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    Tout à fait. 🙂

    A500+ACA500 - A600+Vampire 2+indivision ECS - A1200+Vampire V2 1200 - Mac Mini 1.42 sous MOS - Just CPC 128k - CPC 6128 - Atari STE 4Mo/CosmosEx - Atari Falcon CT60/SuperVidel 🙂
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    Jerome Renkert : If nobody wants to make a french translation, I’ll do it. As Tarzin said, can you give us informations on this software (AmigaOS, MorphOS, AROS, etc.) and some screenshots ?

    /me pourrait faire une trad’ conjointe avec Tartine ^^ !

    Only Amiga makes it possible !


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    I would guess this is a job for the french section of ATO or not ?

    Jerome Renkert

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    Ok. Some more stuff about ArtBase here:

    ArtBase imports tables in CSV-Format. As seperators « , » « ; » « | » and TAB may be used. Even tablefields with more lines in a cell will be imported correctly.
    This means. You do not have to rewrite all your gamelists. Simply continue editing it with your favourite program. ArtBase only displays these lists in Masks at the moment. Maybe in future versions an editor will be integrated. But I think, there are many good programs available for the amiga for this task…

    Artbase tries to detect the Type of field of every coloumn of your table.
    This means:
    If you have long texts in the cells of a column, artbase detects this and creates fields, that will be scrollable.
    If you have links to pictures in a column, artbase detects this and shows the picture in your mask.
    Even Slideshows are integrated and will be displayed.
    The same for music-files and textfiles.

    The configuration of your mask is very intuitive. Place and resize your fields just like icons and windows on your desktop.
    Adding new fields (table-columns) is as easy as creating new drawers from your WB.

    Every field is absolutely configurable.
    Each field may have its own font, size, fontcolor.
    Its backdrop can be a colour, a gradient, a texture or even a picture.
    you might draw frames around your fields, which also can consist of colors, gradients, textures or pictures.
    Frames and backdrops of each field can have adjustable transparencies.
    Each Fieldheader can have any font, fontsize,fontcolor and backdropcolor.
    Headerbackdrops can have adjustable transparencies.
    Headers can be placed anywhere around the field.
    You might also add fix texts or pictures as decorative elements in your mask
    (Horicontal/vertical bars, Maskheaders…)
    You can load and save the design of your mask (just like themes on your Desktop), so that you can change the whole design with just a few clicks.

    ArtBase can ofcourse filter and sort your lists.
    ArtBase uses MUI, which makes it very intuitive to use.
    ArtBase does not have own windowborders, so its masks look really cool.
    ArtBase features a huge documentation. Reachable from ArtBase itself and from Workbench, too. When opened from within any configwindow, the onlinehelp will direct you to the correct chapter of the manual .
    ArtBase uses speechbubbleshelp for almost all parts of its MUI-configuration-menus.
    ArtBase is completely usable with mouse or keyboard.
    ArtBase has an inbuild cache-system for speeding up loading and displaying pictures.
    From within its mask, you can view pictues, listen to music.
    Clicking on URLs (which have to be in your table) ArtBase will open your browser and redirct you to the selected side. Clicking on E-Mail-Addresses will open your email-client with the specific address.
    AlphaChannels and aliasing for text/gfx can be enabled/disabled to speedup things on slower machines.
    ArtBase uses a (thanks to you) localiced installationscript,
    ArtBase runs on AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AmigaOS3 (only winUAE) and AROS (hopefully).
    ArtBase will probably be available in german, english, italian, french, swedish, polish and norweign language… Maybe more.
    ArtBase will be donationware. Everyone might use it for free.
    Donations of at least 20 Euros will result in a burnt (maybe rewritable), proffesional, colourful printet CD-ROM in a black DVD-Cover with printed inlay.
    It will include a Printed manual in one of the available languages. Printed on high quality paper and about 50 pages long. fitting into the dvd-cover.

    But… look at yourself:
    First screenshot shows the startup-screen.
    The second one the Viewmode, where you listen to music, view your screenshots, sort and filter fields….

    The thirt one shows the configuration-mode of ArtBase including one (of many) configuration-menus (MUI).

    Best regards!!

    Jerome Renkert



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    Tartine il dit qu’il a reçu un email de l’auteur et que visiblement la traduction est déjà prise par Damien (sais pas qui c’est).
    Sinon l’idée de traduction conjointe était bonne.


    @Jerome Renkert

    Thanks a lot for your informations and screenshots. I’ve got a very huge database to test your software (Amigame’s database with more than 4000 titles and their complete datas)


    tu as vu que ça marche! 😉



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    Ah non, moi c’est BattleMan que je veux pas qu’on m’appelle 😉

    Merci pour les retours et merci à Damien (même si je ne sais pas non plus qui c’est 😀 ).

    /me voulait un logiciel de ce type, ça tombe bien ! 😉

    Only Amiga makes it possible !


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    Au passage, un rappel sur le sujet ouvert ici qui était relatif au référencement de sa collection de jeux vidéo sur Ludexo


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    Mais c’est qui ce Damien ? LOL ! 🙂

    A500+ACA500 - A600+Vampire 2+indivision ECS - A1200+Vampire V2 1200 - Mac Mini 1.42 sous MOS - Just CPC 128k - CPC 6128 - Atari STE 4Mo/CosmosEx - Atari Falcon CT60/SuperVidel 🙂
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    Aucune idée!

    L’auteur m’a indiqué qu’il avait déjà traduit plusieurs projets.


    En attendant, je me suis inscrit dans les béta-testeurs du logiciel, nous verrons bien.


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    c’est moi à priori gnagnagna, comme je suis en train de replonger dans les BDD pour les cours que je dispense, çà me convenais pas mal.

    si certains sont motivés, je vous propose le mode relecture, cad que j’effectue la traduction, et vous relisez/commentez derrière….aucun soucis pour ma part, maintenant pas de jaloux, si certains veulent absolument le faire à ma place, je leur laisse le champ libre, çà me coûtera moins cher 20€ en donationware que le temps qu’il faudra passer à traduire….

    par contre « co traduire », par expérience c’est mauvais, il faut rester sur une même ligne de conduite pour ne pas traduire deux fois les mêmes termes avec des mots en FR différents (par exemple). la relecture par une tierce personne est par contre un gage de qualité.

    j’ai reçu les fichiers ce jour (hélas pas encore tous en anglais car je ne pourrai prendre en charge que des versions EN->FR), et il me faudra attendre les catalogues en english, en espérant que la traduction en english soit de bonne qualité sinon çà va être galère.




    De l'Amiga et bien d'autres ici:


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    Zouzou : Tout à fait d’accord avec toi sur la trad’ en tandem, je pensais plutôt à un duo traducteur/relecteur, comme toi.

    Je veux bien relire si tu manques de zyeux 😉

    Bonne trad’ 😉

    /me traduit, fait les relectures, anime vos anniversaires et autres soirées et ce, pour une somme modique ! 😀

    Only Amiga makes it possible !

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